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Individuals looking for a successful and very effective diet would not go wrong with the Mediterranean diet. It is proven to significantly improve health and excellent for disease prevention wlespecially heart disease. It is a good strategy when looking for healthy weight loss strategy.

The Mediterranean diet’s focus is on making essential, yet basic changes to your diet with the foundation being plant based foods. This includes seeds, nuts, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes in every meal and snacks too. It furthermore emphasizes the use of olive oil as alternative to regular margarines and butter. It is used more than only during cooking, but also drizzled as salad sauce, over bread, pasta, and veggies. In many instances, fat and salt in ordinary recipes are replaced by herbs, to avoid sodium and fat intake for example oregano, basil and garlic, etc. are excellent alternatives.

The main foundation of the Mediterranean diet is also more fish, which is packed with healthy fats; essential nutrients while an excellent low calorie protein. Following a Mediterranean diet, you must consume fish no less than twice a week for example broiled, baked, or grilled halibut, trout, salmon, and tuna. One of its primary components is that red meat should be limited to a few times a month only. Lean poultry and fish are predominantly substituted for pork, beef, and lamb.

Moreover is it essential that high fat processed meats like sausage and bacon be avoided all together. Ice cream, cheese, and whole milk should also be avoided and replaced with low fat cheeses, fat free yogurt and skim or fat free milk. Aside from these necessary healthy food changes it place high emphasis on regular physical activity even as mild as walking. The Mediterranean diet combines both healthy nutrition with an active lifestyle to not only loose weight, but also live healthy and longer.

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