Ultra Herbal Supplements

When you look at a weight loss plan you normally look at the amounts of fish and plain chicken it contains for effective weight loss and fat burning. If it contains brown rice, fresh vegetables and salads you probably are on the right track too, however few people realize that other vital ingredients required for excellent fat burning are spices and herbs. Even though you might think only in terms of flavor to make your bland diet food more edible when thinking of herbs and spices, some actually boost your metabolism too.

The science backed spices and herbs to burn fat include: sodium

Turmeric – with its warming properties a dieter experiences increased body heat, which result in a higher metabolism. It also contain other health benefits such as fight Alzheimer’s disease. Its active ingredients is curcumin which can be sprinkled over nuts, roasted veg or added to stews and soups too.

Cayenne – also boost metabolism and potentially burns 100 calories per meal when sprinkled over dips, scrambled eggs, in soups, etc.

Cinnamon – it is not only delicious, but balances blood sugar and great over oatmeal mixed into yogurt, cottage cheese, meat marinades, and spicy rubs.

Cumin – his powerful spice helps in burning fat three times as fast and excellent to use in almost anything from savory baked goodies, marinades, rubs, stir fries, dressings, dips, stews, and soups.

Ginger – works in the same fashion as cinnamon in blood sugar controlling, while it also has fat burning properties that you get in cayenne and turmeric.

Black pepper has a myriad of fat burning properties too and it is versatile enough to be used with almost anything you eat.

Cardamom is another metabolism booster commonly used in Indian food, but you can add it to all your homemade curries and game meats.

Mustard – also boost your metabolism and only 3/5 of a teaspoon burns addition 45 calories per hour.

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