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139835-140336Although genetics play a big role in obesity, diet cannot be ruled out and neither can gaming. Passive viewing while glued to a screen especially in the case of online games regardless of game type contribute to the growing epidemic of obesity. It is a fact that overall unhealthy foods fattening and sugary foods lead to childhood obesity and effectively adult obesity.

In addition is it a fact that a lack of physical activity leads to additional weight gain irrespective of age. Casinouzmani, a popular online casino gaming comparison platform spoke to media in consulting on responsible and healthy gaming, recommend that all individuals set a time limit to gaming activities, and spend time away for other physical activities.

The growing number of children and adolescents having shorter life spans as oppose to previous generations are partly due to obesity crisis that engulf the modern and developed world. In previous year when electronics and media were not prominent in the lives of children and young adults, the obesity numbers were much lower. In the western world where more people play online games, the crisis is engulfing the world.

Electronic game play, online gaming regardless of form promotes sedentary behaviors, beverages low in nutritional value and increased consumption of foods high in calories. These games even though entertaining and exciting are played indoors in front of TV’s, computer monitors, and all kinds of mobile platforms.

Thus, are the individuals playing doing this indoors with little to no movement involved. No major muscle groups are used and simply because these gaming modes are not physically tiring, it is played for very long hours. Many become addicted to gaming thus losing interest in any outdoor activity and not being able to release energy results in people becoming overweight and even obese. online casino website