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Atkins Diet Guidelines


Few people have not heard about the Atkins diet, which was developed by an American cardiologist, Dr. Robert Atkins. A series of books, which followed the “Dr Atkins Diet Revolution,” including recipe books always remained strongly on par with his original findings that exceptional low carbohydrate intake, is the only way to lower insulin effectively and aid in significant and sustained weight loss.

Low carb crazed diets based on the Atkins diet never have the same success as this four-phased eating program that should become the Atkins Lifestyle. The four phases of the Atkins are the:

Phase 1- Induction Phase where dieters have an extremely low carb intake of only 20 grams for the entire day

Phase two – OWL Phase (ongoing weight loss) – dieters see an increase of only five additional mg of carbs per day, which has its maximum carb intake at 25mg carbs for the first week. After that week, an additional 5 mg is allowed. You continue in this fashion until you stop losing weight after which you continue to remove five mg again in order to show a weight loss again.

 Phase three – Pre-Maintenance is an increase of 10mg carbs per day when you have lost enough weight to your satisfaction. During this time, your weight is close to goal weight and weight loss is gradual.

Phase four – Lifetime maintenance allows a wider range of carbohydrates; however, weight monitoring is essential in order to avoid picking up weight at this point.

The Atkins diet certainly is one of the most effective diets out there in the sense that you will certainly lose weight while keeping it off, ONLY if you stick to it. It works on four principles that are weight loss guaranteed, weight loss maintained, good health assured, permanent foundation of disease prevention.

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